Chocolate and Cantillion

My time abroad is coming to a close, and it’s so bitter sweet. I really miss home; if only I could ship my family, boyfriend, and friends over here. Europe is such a beautiful place and I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to spend two weeks in this amazing city.

Our first briefing for this morning was canceled, giving us the morning off. Myself and two other New Paltz students decided to check out the Chocolate Museum. We had the chance to watch one of the workers make chocolate – he even gave us a sample. It was delicious, to say the least.

This afternoon, our group took a trip to a nearby brewery. The owner of the brewery, Cantillion, was a man who was extremely passionate about his profession and his hatred for the European Union’s regulations. It was interesting to hear this perspective from a person who lives within the EU, especially because I’ve only heard positive things about it since I’ve been here.

These past two weeks have been extremely busy, so it was nice having a day to decompress! ☺

Ashley, a double major in Finance and General Business Studies, is hoping to make the best of her short time abroad. Traveling is something that many are afraid of in this day and age, but she feels the complete opposite way. She's totally ready to embrace this experience!

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