Beautiful Places in London

Today, I want to tell you about beautiful places I have been in London.

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The first place is the London Eye. I walked across the  river Thames and rode on the London Eye, which was a giant Ferris wheel in London. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. It is 443 feet tall and we can enjoy a fine view of London from it. I was surprised by its size because over 10 people could fit in it at once. We could watch Big Ben from there.


The Covent Garden is my best place in London. I love its variety of shops, pretty ornaments, delicious food and friendly people. I have been there three times because it is near from where I stay and I don’t get tired of it because of its vastness. I love Covent Garden. I want to visit there before I go back to the US on Sunday…

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I went to St. Paul’s Cathedral and up the stairs of 550 steps! I didn’t know that it had so many steps, and it made me perspire sweaty. But, the view from the top of the Cathedral was magnificent. I could look down London and felt like the Cathedral controlled all of London. I am a big fan of the architecture itself, sculptures and paintings. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay there so long at that time, so I will go there in the early morning next time if I visit London again.

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I went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I got lost on the way to the museum, and I walked around the Baker street for about 40 minutes. It was a very cold day and I was so tired when I arrived the destination, so I entered just a shop, not the main museum. When I went to the restroom, I got so excited because found a little room which looks like movie set. I was not a huge Sherlock Holmes lover, but I could enjoy the museum.


This building is called SIS (Secret Intelligence Service), and James Bond in the movie 007 is a member of it. I couldn’t enter inside.


Big Ben! It is one of the most famous buildings in London. I was fascinated its gorgeous and beautiful Gothic ornaments.

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I went to the Kew Garden with my classmates and professor as a class activity. First, we visited the Marianne North Gallery. It was amazing. In the first room, there were numerous plants paintings on all round the walls. After the first room, there was an exhibition of plants, especially fruits paintings and drawings. Most artists were women and they were finished delicately and looked so real. It was one of my favorite museum ever. After that, we went to the Palm House. The air inside was so warm and I felt so good because outside was freezing. We found a peacock in front of the gift shop. Overall, the Kew Garden was a beautiful place. I want to visit again in spring.

I picked up some places  which I want to share with you and recommend. London is a pretty little place. I want you to visit here when you have a chance. Thank you for reading!

Emi Takeyama is an international student from Japan and Graphic Design major. She is excited to take an art seminar class in London.

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