Why You Should Study Abroad

It has been one week and two days since I returned to the states. As soon as I got home I started working, which has been keeping me busy. I honestly miss Korea a lot. It might be too early to write this blog because I haven’t been home that long, but I can’t help missing my students and co-teachers. As for studying abroad I still feel the same way as I did in my last blog. I think everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime for multiple reasons. Studying abroad is extremely beneficial for any student. It is a chance for students to learn from professors around the world, which can open up viewpoints or give different perspectives on things taught inside and outside the classroom. Studying abroad also shows the importance and relevance of diversity around the world. Not every university is like SUNY New Paltz, which I believe some people are not exposed to and therefore do not know how the world around them is different. A final reason I think everyone should study abroad is because it is the perfect opportunity to meet people from around the world. While in Korea I made numerous Korean friends along with people from the United Kingdom, California, and other states in America. Even though I was only studying abroad for 7 weeks the friendships I made will be friendships I have for a lifetime.


Even though it’s sad to think my time in Korea is over I am very blessed I had the opportunity to meet new people and study abroad. My experience in Korea reinsured my dream to teach ESL in another country. I will definitely be applying for jobs in Korea once my senior year of college begins.

Hi! My name is Andrea and I am currently a junior at SUNY New Paltz. My major is Early Childhood and Childhood Education with a concentration in English. I have always had an interest in traveling so I could not pass up the opportunity to study abroad! I was actually born in Korea, but adopted as a baby so I have never been and don't know too much about the Korean culture. I'm excited to learn as much as I can while having the time of my life!

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