Soccer in Spain

It has been a few days since I have written, but the good thing is that I am just finishing my first full weeks of classes! This week has gone by so fast and it feels like I have been in Spain for months. It is a bit of a struggle to wake up earl and go to class everyday, but it isn’t so bad. My classes are pretty easy and at times are actually enjoyable. I have met so many different people in these classes from many different parts of the world.

After class on Tuesday, I decided to go to the park to tan because I am very pale and it was great weather outside. It was not too hot, but warm enough to tan. As I walked up to the park, there were so many people who had the same idea. Everyone was in bathing suits laying in the park. It was a good chance for me to just relax and catch up on some overdue reading. Hopefully I got some color although it might not have done anything.

The next day, on Wednesday, some of the other students from America told us they wanted to play soccer that afternoon and that they knew of a field we could go to. Our classes ended at 2:00 so we agreed to meet at the school at 4:00. When we eventually did all meet up, we started walking toward the field. It was a bit nerve wracking because I am not good at soccer and everyone else was very aggressive and plays soccer often. I made friends with a girl who was there that didn’t play also which was good so I didn’t feel as alone.

The field was made a turf and was actually pretty big. We picked teams and began playing. Although some people were super into the game, it was actually very fun and I didn’t mind that I wasn’t the best soccer player ever. About an hour in, another team came to use the field which meant we had to leave. We actually ended up having to pay to use the field which was a bit expensive, but because we had so many people it was pretty cheap individually. I’m so happy that I actually got to play soccer in Spain! Even though I am very sore and I have blisters on my feet, it was so worth it.



My name is Ashely Sirna. I am a junior at SUNY New Paltz and am double majoring in Spanish and psychology with a minor in disaster studies. This summer I am studying abroad in Oviedo, Spain for two months. I am very excited to learn about the culture and improve my Spanish!

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