Feels Like Yesterday

This is my last week in Wellington and being in New Zealand. I am very sad to be leaving and my time here has gone by way too fast. It felt like yesterday being at home and feeling extremely nervous that I would be going abroad to New Zealand. I had no idea what I was getting myself into or who I would meet. My biggest worry was that I would be homesick and I would miss everyone, but luckily I have not had to deal with that during my time here. I was always to keep myself occupied through making friends and being involved with the university. This got my mind off the fact that I was far away from home and I would not be back home for a while. I also realized how lucky I was to be in New Zealand and that this would only happen once in my life, so it would a waste of time to think about home rather than take advantage of what is around me.

Since studying abroad I have learned a lot and I have changed. With living abroad I feel more comfortable living on my own and not having to worry about not being able to cook for myself. I feel comfortable with cooking and baking food on my own now. I also learned more about the world, which has allowed to develop a new perspective on the world, and also allowed myself to further my knowledge through my studies. I am excited to share my knowledge with my friends who have the same interests as me, and use it to better myself. Traveling abroad allows people to gain insight about the world and it lets them learn more about themselves.

Even though I will miss New Zealand I am greatly looking forward to being in summer at New York, since right now it is winter here. It is not like a New York winter with snow every week, instead it is just rain and wind, which beats snow. The weather here right now is the equivalent of an early Spring or late fall weather, but it feels nice to walk around and not be covered in sweat at the end of the day. Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

My name is Ethan Fogg and I am junior who is double majoring in Sociology and Black Studies. I hope to meet and learn more about my Kiwi family in New Zealand, and study race relations in New Zealand too.

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