Back in K O R E A !!

United Airlines. Newark International Airport. Looking like a Korean. Why I came back. This year.

This time around I had no trouble getting on the plane, unlike last year because of the Russian Visa. The thing worrying me this year is being away from my family, my friends, and my usual language, culture, and surroundings for 6 months. Starting June 18 I will be away from home till December. Despite being in the country I love and came back to, I can’t help but feel home sick.

But back to United Airlines. They do not give you a T.V. on the back of the seats. However, they do offer free WiFi. So download the United App beforehand if you want to be able to stream most things on your small devices (such as phone, and tablet). This means, bring your charger with you on flight. Of course, me being me, forgot her phone charger at home. Luckily for me, when I was about to buy a phone charger at a store my friend bought her phone, they gave me the charger for free. YASSS.

EWR – AMAZING, and NICE staff. I remember having to check in at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City and they were not the nicest people. Now, it may be because I was at the airport this year at 4AM (transfer flight at San Francisco was at 5:45AM) and that they did not deal with many people yet. Whatever the case, the staff at Newark Liberty Int. Airport were smiling, none were frowning, and all wishing me a good time at my destination.

Prior to this I did not sleep the night before because I knew sleeping/napping would only make me more disoriented. But I recovered by sleeping 2 hours on the flight to San Francisco.

Funny story, on the line of the flight to San Francisco, there were 2 ahjumma (older ladies) standing behind me in line. One of them tapped me and asked me in Korean if I was a Korean. In which I replied, “Ani,” which means no in Korean. I forgot to add the -yo at the end, to be polite, but that was because I thought I should have just said no. But hey, that was my first Korean ish experience since last year.

I decided to come back to Korea because I had a great time last summer. I learned about a culture in the perspective of Korean citizens. I learned more of their language – so now I can walk around Korea feeling more confident. I met amazing people, who I still keep in contact with today – I actually came to Korea a few days early and crashed in one of my student from last summer place. I also learned that I like that awkward, I don’t know much about your culture and you don’t know mine so I’m not sure what to say or how to interact with you but lets do it anyways, feeling.

This year I wish to go to places I was not able to last year. This year I hope I have a good bunch of students as I had last summer. This year I hope to improve/upgrade my Korean communication skills. This year I plan on making more awesome memories of the place I love.

P.S. many food pics and sight seeing pictures will be coming – Instagram viow9 for immediate updates.

Till then.

Currently a junior who is double majoring in communications and digital media management and programming. After studying abroad before, she discovered that it is vital to keep in touch with the world around her and beyond.

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