Going to Spain

So I leave for Spain in a week and I have no idea what to expect. It is crazy that I will be living in Spain for the next two months. It was a bit difficult leaving everyone behind, especially my boyfriend, but I know that I am about to embark on a great journey. People keep saying that two months will fly by, but who knows.

I’ve been packing and it is so hard to decide what to bring. I’m not really sure what the weather is like there and I’ve heard that Spain is a bit conservative as well. I guess we will see what happens. Also my airline has very strict requirements about the size of your suitcase, so instead of bringing the huge suitcase that I could fit everything in, I had to settle for a smaller one.

I’m going to many BBQ’s this week to say goodbye to everyone and I am so happy that they are all so supportive. I can’t wait to see what Spain has in store for me!

My name is Ashely Sirna. I am a junior at SUNY New Paltz and am double majoring in Spanish and psychology with a minor in disaster studies. This summer I am studying abroad in Oviedo, Spain for two months. I am very excited to learn about the culture and improve my Spanish!

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