Stonehenge and Bath Trip

On Sunday, 16 November, I took a trip to Stonehenge and Bath and it was AMAZING and the views were extremely breathtaking. I left Cardiff at 9:30 am in a coach bus and arrived first at Stonehenge around 11:30ish. My first reaction when I first got off the bus was “dang it’s cold” and it got colder as the day went on. Despite the weather conditions I continued to enjoy my day. When we got to the visitor’s center, the tour guide handed us our tickets and a radio which guided us through the history of Stonehenge as we made our way around the monument. Before we got to Stonehenge, we had to take a shuttle which dropped us off at the beginning of the site, where we followed a green mat up and around  the monument (we were not allowed to go up close to Stonehenge in fear of high foot traffic will damage the monument and the surrounding areas as well). As I made my way around the monument while listening to Stonehenge facts on the radio given to me, I learned that the stones were brought one by one to that spot (using lifting and pulling equipment of course). While walking around the stones I had a chance to take some great photos because of the wonderful scenery. Here are some:


I didn’t get any pictures of them but there was also sheep, that were fenced off around the area as well. We stayed in Stonehenge until about 1:30pm and then we were on our way to Bath!! 🙂

We got to Bath around 2:30pm and the area was so beautiful. On the drive into Bath, I had a really good view of the entire city, however I was not fast enough with my camera but it’s very vivid in my mind. The houses, land, and even farm areas were beautiful, maybe it’s because I have lived in the city all my life. When I stepped off the coach the city gave me the ancient Roman feel with the cobble stone streets as well the brick lined buildings. We went to the Roman Bath, which is a preserved site for public bathing. The touring of the building start at the street level at first and then through doors and stairs you eventually will make it down near the water where you can take pictures standing or sitting next to the bath. The tour was not that long, I would say probably 20-25 minutes tops and after that I went photo crazy, taking pictures of myself and my surroundings. Here’s a tip though: watch your step. I almost had a fall that could of broken myself and my camera, but I’m all good.  Here are some photos:


After this it was time to meet our bus and head back to Cardiff but I did get to walk around town and take a few more pictures for my photo album. In the end it was a day well spent and stay tuned for more adventures. I’ll try to be more consistent, my adventures is starting to kick up now so I feel that should be no problem. Till next time, goodnight 🙂 !!


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