Nothing good comes easy

It would be easy for me to write that I have landed in Cardiff safe and sound but instead I am writing this blog from the inside of my house. The problem is with my visa, but, before you get worried I will be studying abroad, it’s just  that my departure date is lingering in the air until I get the okay from the British Consulate (pray for me.) Actually yesterday was supposed to be my departure date and thinking about it made me a bit sad but I know that soon I will be on my way so that is the upside.

However, ever since I have received the news about my visa all I have been doing is putting positive energy out into the universe and asking my friends and family to do the same for me. I have been packing, continuing my research of place that I would like to visit while in Cardiff, and just speaking my dream into existence with high hopes that everything will pull though in the end. I welcome this hardship because I know that the light at the end of the tunnel will be me flying through the air to a country that I have never been to in all my years on this earth. Since I have immigrated to the US, I have never been out of the country whether it be a vacation or family emergency. Also, I never thought I’ll be able to afford to study abroad cause it’s so EXPENSIVE! However, I am extremely blessed to have supportive parents that make it their mission to make sure their kids have the necessary tools to succeed in life.  So.. yeah not really doing much, I’m just playing the waiting game as of now and being as optimistic as I can towards this situation. If anything else arises I’ll be sure to update on this post. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

P.S. I will be vlogging, it will just have to wait till I get to the UK. My house has horrible lighting lols.


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