Santiago, Chile

So I have arrived at my final study abroad destination.  Santiago, Chile.  I was extremely sad to leave Buenos Aires, not only for my friends but for the World Cup final… though as much as I am die hard Argentina fan there chances of beating Germany not looking so hot…. Anyways the school here is amazing!  The professors are beyond helpful and ready to work with you.  The location is very nice and I am doing really well.  I’ve meet so many cool people from Brazil… I think in South America is full of Brazilians.  But there differences in our culture is so interesting and fun.  But at the same time I sometimes feel Americans have the most in common with Brazilians.   I actually haven’t done to many touristy things yet… I’ve been more concentrating on my spanish and gastronomy of Chile.  Which btw the food is amazing.  I really miss Argentina and I think one weekend I am going to take a trip to Mendoza but I do really like Chile… I found out they have a Taco Bell so they scored some extra points with me.  The Spanish is soooo different hear.  Once I caught on to the accent in Argentina I really did not have a problem but here they use so many words and phrases … That half the time I am like what…?  It’s cool though  by the end of this trip I should be like able to understand many regional versions of castillano.  This week ill prob do some more tourist stuff because I’ve been pretty settled.  The school is Taking us on a weekend field trip to Valpariso which is supposed kind of like Chile’s San Francisco so that could end up being really cool.   I don’t even want to think of going home yet because I have so much more to learn and so much more to do!  Hope everyone who reads this is doing well! Will try to update soon!

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