Time to be honest

So I do not want this post to worry or upset anyone in any way. I really am okay. It’s just that I wish I was a healthier person. I do not want to get too personal here, but today kind of sucks. When I first got here I was on a high. It has been so fun and exciting, but I think I’m coming down off this high. Everyone involved in the study abroad process warned us this might happen. I am not posting this to get sympathy, I just want other students who study abroad to know this feeling is experienced by a lot of people and they are not alone.

Studying in another country is a truly amazing experience.

For the most part I have really enjoyed it so far, but it is like anything else in life, it will not be perfect. Today is not good but I have lots of exciting plans for the next few weeks and I know a few days from now I will be confused why I was so miserable today.

I am going to do more traveling tomorrow, so everyone look forward to another of my philosophical rants tomorrow on Tuesday.

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