Leaving for Brazil

This is has been a busy week and it’s the week I leave for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The university that I am attending in Rio is called Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro also known as PUC, the class I will be taking in this university is called Doing Business in Latin America. I am super excited and thrilled about this opportunity, within this week, I had to make all the arrangements before I leave for Brazil from my paperwork to luggage to the goodbyes to the last minute shopping. The process so far has been a hectic one yet its fun, after the end of each task I remind myself I am a step closer to Brazil and so far it has carried me forward.


Its a mess, but worth it none the less!

My family has been a huge help in this process because I was juggling finals, graduation preparations and at the same time arrangement for this process, and so far in this journey, they have given me their valuable input and my brother even voluntarily did some research for Brazil just to keep me updated. These are the times when you realize what you are leaving behind to study abroad, and it also stays a constant reminder that when you come back from the trip, this is the sweet and supportive family you are coming back to.


My brother

Friends, colleagues and relatives also bid their goodbyes this week and yesterday happened to meet an old friend in New Paltz who had just comeback from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was very happy to hear I was going to do study abroad and she told me about the places to see in Brazil. A Brazilian friend of mine has also introduced me to her cousin, who is currently living in Rio and a colleague of mine has also introduced to one of her friends settled in Rio. So, I have to meet these wonderful individuals in Brazil, visit the various places described by my friend, visit PUC, get to know all my group members and classmates, plus, get immersed into the Brazilian culture. This one month journey is going to be amazing, and I cannot wait for it to start. But before that, there were and are so many people that helped me, supported me and guided me in this process and cannot thank you enough for everything that you guys have done for me.





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