Cinque Terre – The Cutest Place on Earth

Cinque Terre was taken straight from the set of a movie. It’s a spot on the Italian Riviera where five little seaside towns have become a huge tourist spot recently. The towns jut out of the side of the mountain, and are all multi-colored. It’s honestly just a place that you can’t understand unless you see the pictures.


On the side of the mountain where our cabin was, we ate some panini. I’ve never quite had a lunch like that before. The wind was howling, and the sun was lovely. The waves crashed violently against the mountainside.


This was the off season for Cinque Terre, as most of the prominent tourism happens in the spring and summer months. It was kinda of haunting, the way this town was so beautiful, yet so many residents were missing.


This was the port of Vernazza the town we stayed in. This was the town center. We journeyed out onto the rocks and got a better view.


This moment was a bit hard. Across the Mediterranean, then across the Atlantic—I realized—were all of the things I had left behind. New York was just a body of water away. At night, I would look out off the mountain, over the starlit sky and black waters. It would be so dark that you wouldn’t be able to see in front of your face without a flashlight. In those moments, I felt so isolated from the world I have come to be so comfortable in over the years. That world didn’t feel real anymore. People back home, at the same time, were perhaps sitting down for dinner, or getting back from work. Me—I was getting ready to go to bed. For me, shelter was a cold cabin on the side of a mountain, overlooking the sea from a completely different direction. As the days get closer to the day I leave Milan, I’m realizing that I want to be able to look out from that other side of the Atlantic again soon. There is a light on that side and it never goes out.

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