Adventures en la Sierra

It started out ’cause I didn’t have plans for the weekend. I hit up my friend Jonny on Whatsapp to ask if he had anything in mind. I figured since he’s from Ecuador (and not from Guayaquil, the city I’m staying in), he would probably have a good idea of something cool to see. He immediately answered back with “Let’s go to Latacunga”.

Latacunga is a city near the volcano Cotopaxi, the popular lake Quilotoa, and quite close to Ambato, mostly known for its festivals during Carnaval.

The adventure began on Thursday night. It was one of the internationals’ birthday so we were all hanging out in the delicious warm atmosphere. We spent the night without sleep  because our bus left at 4:15 AM.


Arriving around 11:30 Friday morning, we made our way to abuela’s house in Latacunga to put our stuff down and take a load off. Jonny’s grandma turns out to be the sweetest ever. She had a delicious fresh lunch ready for us and we were oh-so grateful. After lunch we went for a tour of the city (given by our lovely guide Jonny), and he chose a great place for dinner.

IMG_20140328_142156_173 IMG_20140328_144754_261 IMG_20140328_152506_315

The next morning we got up (against my will!) at 6am in order to have breakfast and make our way to Quilotoa. His family shocked me again with breakfast ready for us, driving us the 2 hours to get to Quilotoa, joining us on the hike, sharing individual packed meals for lunch (by lovely abuela), and driving us the 2 hours back. All I can say is I am truly blessed and they made me feel super special and loved!

Quilotoa was breathtaking. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_20140329_112121_313  IMG_20140329_102152_938

After Quilotoa we made our way back home to rest for a bit before traveling to Ambato. In Ambato we found a hostel and ate some grub. We were so hungry! Plans sort of fell through that night, but it worked out because we ended up sipping some hot cocoa and scarfing down delicious chocolate cake. I can never complain when dessert is involved.


The next morning, up again early para desayunar and back to Latacunga for lunch with Jonny’s family and to sight see a bit more. Then, sadly ending our trip. Fun times passed, yet more fun times await!!!


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