Far Away

With less than two weeks left here, I am trying to remain present and open throughout it all.  That which frustrates me one day easily brings me joy another day—like speaking Spanish.  At times I love deciphering what is being said and coming up with a reply, but then there are times when I wish I could just say things the way I wanted to and have someone understand me.

I thought I would come away from my study abroad experience feeling more direction—more guidance.  What I really feel is the confidence of knowing that I can be thrown into the unknown and sift my way through it all.  It is a confidence in not-knowing.

Having every second of every day planned out is not only boring, but it is depressing.  Why would I want to know how everything is going to play out?  Isn’t that the point of reading a story?  You wouldn’t start a book if you knew exactly what was going to happen on every page. Of course, there will always be that tendency inside of me—the part of me that wants to know how everything will turn out.  But if there’s anything I’ve learned from being here in Cusco, it is to surrender to the moment, really release into the flow.  It’s all right here . . .

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