First exams in Australia

I’ve taken my first three exams here. I have one left to go. Exams are done differently here than at New Paltz. We all go to the Melbourne Showgrounds and sit in big rooms with hundreds of desks for three hours. There are fifteeen minutes of reading time before we start; when you can’t write. You have to bring your student ID card (which I forgot a few times and used my passport or got a written slip confirming my identity). It felt like I was back in secondary school (high school for Americans) sitting in the gym taking my finals. Very weird. And yes, I did feel a bit frightened when I sat my first exam because I was remembering Tomorrow When the War Began.

Apple rejected my application for a job. It’s unfortunate but I also had a great time experiencing the interview process. I now have an idea of what will happen the next time I apply.

I visited Queen Victoria Market this past weekend. I bought an Australian flag for $5. It’s now hanging in my room. When I get back, it will be hanging on my dorm wall.

I went tanning today. Outside. In November. I heard from a friend at New Paltz that there was a snow flurry this morning in NY. It’s strange to be able to walk outside and lie in the sun with shorts on in November.

"Three cubic feet of blood and bone": Academic, Apple fanatic, and forever 18.

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