Halloween, Apple Strudel, and Bonfires

It seems weird that I’ve been here for less than two months. It feels like I’ve been here so much longer, and yet my trip is more than halfway over. It’s kind of disorienting and definitely sad. I’m trying to keep in mind that this is not permanent–I do miss New Paltz and Brooklyn and my family and friends, but you wouldn’t have to pay me to stay here a while longer.

So. This past week has been about Halloween, little work, lots of fun, and going to class now and again (not that we’re cutting, we just don’t have class very often!)

Halloween here is pretty similar to what it is at home: costumes, decorations, and partying. On Saturday night, Kirsty and I went as a zombie 50s prom couple. We went out to a bunch of bars and met up with Berit and Lauren for a while. Sunday, I went as Zombie the Riveter (like zombie Rosie the Riveter), and a few of us went to D-Bar, the bar at Storthes Hall. I guess I was really into the zombie theme this year, although I sort of realized that adding a zombie theme to any regular costume makes it awesome, kind of like adding “in bed” to the end of your fortune in a fortune cookie is always hilarious. It was lots of fun, although I must say, I miss New Paltz and Brooklyn Halloween.

Yesterday was Lucie’s birthday celebration, so Lauren, Berit, Marianne and I went to her house for apple strudel, which Lucie was quite excited about. Apparently, it’s the national food of the Czech Republic, and Lucie thinks there is no better food on earth! She made it for us, and it was indeed very good. We then went to the Cotton Factory for brick oven pizza, which is where we went the night we met, when it was Berit’s birthday. Fun was had by all!

Tomorrow, I’m going home with Kirsty for the weekend to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, better known as Bonfire Night. This is a celebration to commemorate the anniversary of Guy Fawkes attempting to kill the Queen, and not being successful. Yes, this is about as much information as I have about it, other than there being a huge bonfire and lots of partying. Good enough for me!

I’ve been stressing out a little about schoolwork. I don’t have much of it, but I have to do a summative essay for each class I’m taking. Three of them aren’t due until December, but one is due on the 16th of November (wow, I’m speaking like a Brit!) I know that’s a while from now, but I tend to get anxious about work long before I need to. I started the paper, but I really don’t know if I’m doing it properly. I hope I ask my professor the right questions about it tomorrow so I can get it sorted out (again, speaking like a Brit).

That’s about it for now!