Staying For Another Semester

I woke up this morning and casually opened my email on my iPod Touch. Keep in mind that I’m half awake. My eyes focus upon an email from New Paltz. The first words I process are Global Scholar. Now I’m a little more awake. I read the subject of the mail which informs me that I received the Global Scholar Fee Reduction again.

What does this mean? This means Christmas in Australia, my 21st Birthday in Australia, New Years in Australia, more surfing, more footy games, more Aussie friends, more international friends, more Australian culture, and more Australian University classes (which to be honest is the real reason I’m here, to study). What do I have to say to all of that? I have three words. Bring. It. On.

How do I plan to celebrate? I plan to go to Torquay again for some more surfing. I was sore for two days after the first time I went last weekend and I have some small bruises on my right eye from where my board hit me. But it was still the most fun I’ve ever had; not to mention a great workout.

Barring unforeseen severe complications that prevent me from staying, expect to have another 6 months of blog posts to read. And a big thanks to the Study Abroad Office at SUNY New Paltz for helping me stay for another six months of wonder.

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