AFL and St. Kilda Beach

On Saturday I was going to go Ice Skating but I got the time for the bus wrong and missed out. Instead I decided to go to the beach, even though it was cold. About an hour and a half later I arrived at St. Kilda Beach. Australia seems to keep surprising me. It’s amazing that I can go to the beach anytime I want using the public transportation.

Sunday was my first AFL (Australian Football League) game. Aussie Rules Football is the major game played here and it’s nothing like American Football. I won’t try to explain the game because I don’t fully understand it. IBefore the game all of the students were taught some of the rules of the game with some embarrassing participation. After lunch (which wasn’t very good) we got some free Western Bulldogs branded items (western Bulldogs is the AFL team that gives students three free game passes). One of the items was a scarf. I asked Thomas how he put on his schal (schal is the german word for scarf) because I liked how he wore it.

I’ll say this about Aussie Rules Football: there is no throwing of the ball allowed, the field is an oval, there are three goals, and the players don’t wear any protective padding (on the contrary they wear short pants and a tight shirt so that other players can’t catch them easily). Of any sport I’ve seen, I enjoyed this the most. There is a lot more movement on the field compared to some other games. And there is a good chance that someone will get hurt as it is a contact sport and like I said, the players don’t wear padding. I need to find a book that explains the sport better. I don’t think I’d ever play it because it looks painful…but it’s fun to watch!

Not the most flatering photo

After the game I spent some time with Thomas and Sascha; both German. We went to Melbourne Central and they got coffee. We talked for awhile until I went to Flinders Street Station to meet up with an Aussie friend, Matt. After about an hour and a half later, I took the train home.

I have decided not to move to Melbourne. Now, for those of you hoping I don’t move to Australia in the not-too-distant future, don’t get excited. I’ve decided to move to northern Australia. For two reasons: Melbourne is too multicultural for my liking and northern Australia will be summer all year round.

Today I received my Australia Tax File Number and yesterday received an email about a potential job. I’m trying to set up an interview for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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