On speaking Norwegian

A conversation online early today with one of my best friends, Ameris:

Me: Rosetta stone doesn’t offer Norwegian.

Ameris: Haha. WOW. You wanna learn NORWEGIAN?

Me: So I can talk to the Norway guys! 🙂

Ameris: They don’t speak English?

Me: Well they do…But if they can learn English, then I can learn Norwegian.

Ameris: You’ll use the language ONCE…with two people…


Clearly, she missed my point.

I’m going to reiterate what I said on twitter when I was coming to Australia and I encountered some german guys: the fact that Americans are only taught one language during childhood is one of the worst parts of the American education system (in my opinion). I would have praised my parents if they had encouraged me to learn a second language while I was growing up.

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