Why Wales? Entry #19: T-12 hours until takeoff. (My story, part 2)

So I leave Cardiff in 12 hours… but I actually leave for the airport in 9 hours… At 330 AM I will be taking a taxi ride to Cardiff airport and then saying farewell to the amazing city that I fell in love with.

…so I not only got to Cardiff, but I made it through 5 months, and those 5 months have been the most amazing months of my life. I honestly never expected it to be so amazing. I didn’t expect to meet the people I met, or experience the things I did. It was so much better than I could have ever dreamed.

I have to say the best part of the trip has been the people whom I have met. I met some of the best friends on this trip. The thing that really amuses me is that 3 of those friends are from New Paltz. Imagine that, I would have never met them if I didn’t go to Wales- yet we were probably on the line for Jazzman’s coffee everyday together.

I don’t know who I expected to meet, but I didn’t think I would meet any possible best friends. I find it so cool that I met so many amazing people, and I find it even cooler that the people I grew closest to will be in the States with me when I go home. Out of the main 4 people I was closest to, 2 are from MA, one is from CT, and another from NY. The others are from NY, NY, and NY. I love all of them and it excites me that when we say goodbye, it really isn’t goodbye.

Shoutout to Meghan Marone, a New Paltz student who asked me to give her a shout out on my blog. She is most likely one of the coolest people on earth. We shared a class at New Paltz, and lived in the same apartment complex, yet didn’t know eachother. Thank you Wales for Meghan Marone.

Now, What do I love most about Cardiff? As I said before, it feels like home. I never saw myself living in a city. As a matter of fact, I expected Cardiff to be a lot bigger than it is… and I was prepared for that. But when i discovered that Cardiff is small and quaint, I was pleasantly surprised. Cardiff is somewhere I would love to live and raise a family. As a matter of fact, if I wasn’t an education major, I would plan on moving here…. but the ed. systems are too different. (also, if I had a Visa, I would have stayed the summer).

Ten things I am going to miss most (no specific order)

  1. The Royal George Pub
  2. Bute Park
  3. Roath Park
  4. Cider
  5. Fish and Chips
  6. The fact that they call french fries “chips”
  7. The people I have met
  8. Peacock’s clothing store
  9. Having a castle in my city.
  10. Welsh Cakes
  11. (okay 11 things) Malt Vinegar on chips!

..and so much more!

7 things I’m looking forward to at home.

  1. Thick milk shakes
  2. American water faucets (lol)
  3. not having an exchange rate
  4. my sisters
  5. my brother
  6. my education classes
  7. my friends


Cardiff has been my home for the past 5 months. I have met some of the most amazing people in my life. I have traveled throughout Wales, Ireland, Italy, France, San Marino, and England. I learned that anything is possible, and I can truly do anything I put my mind to. I am thankful for my sister, Shannon who has helped me, and been there for me throughout. Shoutout to Justinalina, Mags Bags, and our “ghetto mama”, Christine. This trip would not have been the same without you.

I am leaving Cardiff different from the person who arrived 5 months ago. Now I have to work on bringing who I am here, home.

Over and out.

It’s been wonderful.


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