Why Wales? Entry #1

(Sidenote: This blog is dedicated to my good friend Liz Conti who studied abroad in London last year, thus opening my eyes to the many possibilities yet to come)

Why Wales?

From the point that I decided to study abroad in Wales, to after arrival in my host country… everyone has been asking me, “Why Wales?”.
The first time I was asked this, I was sitting in the New Paltz sub, having lunch with some friends. We were discussing the usual; fun things to do, memories, and big events to come in the future. It was then that we started discussing how excited I was to be studying abroad in Cardiff, Wales.

It was then that a friend of a friend asked me the dreaded question…”Why Wales?”

Quickly, I sought out an answer to her question. The only response I could think of was “Why not Wales?”
She accepted that response, and the conversation went on.

It was then that I realized that I have no answer to either of those questions… and that’s okay.
That is what I was (and am) most excited about. Wales is an area I barely heard of before the study abroad team at New Paltz suggested it to me.

Throughout this blog, I will be figuring out ‘why wales?’ and also ‘why not wales?’.

As opposed to places like London and Paris, traveling to Wales is a mystery. I can expect some things from the research I have done, but my mind is not filled with any preconceptions about Wales and the Welsh culture. Each day will be a learning experience, and I should end my journey knowing of a place people often think is an animal, with a language people often mistake as Wale-ish.

Let the journey begin!!


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