Picnic in the Park

Although classes were done, school work continued. Plenty of papers needed to be completed, and one exam needed to be taken. However, there was still some fun to be had before most of the study-abroaders went home! On a windy spring afternoon, we held a picnic in Kingston’s Fairfield Park. Organized by Philip, Jen and Alison, it was an afternoon complete with refreshments and sporting equipment. It was a nice opportunity to see everyone from British Life and Culture just one more time, and outside of the classroom setting. We engaged in some football (soccer to Americans) passes, as well as rugby passes, neither of which I excelled at, but found enjoyable. The highlight of the picnic was the touch rugby game, during which Philip and Jen captained each team with vigor.

touch rugby

I did not engage in this, but was amused from the sidelines. The game of rubgy still baffles me…

Although this splendid picnic in the park marked the end of the study abroad experience for some, I would stay in UK for over another month. It turned out to be probably the most exciting, productive, and surreal month of my life!

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