“An American Student in London” and my own “Brighton Beach Memoirs”

Hey everyone!
Me in London

This past Friday, I ventured into the great city of London along with some of the other study abroad students. The train ride in only took about twenty minutes! We wandered through Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus before heading east to see the Tower of London. I was surprised by how quickly I remembered my way around the city from my trip last year (London Theatre Seminar). The group somehow established me as their tour guide, which made me feel silly yet proud.

Although the entire day was great, there was indeed a highlight: a usually stone-faced horse-guard broke into a slight smile! Such a rare occurrence, indeed! A couple of the girls decided to take a picture in front of the horse-guard, when the horse proceeded to nibble and tug at one of the girls’ jackets! It was such a funny and absurd sight that even the horse-guard could not help but stifle a laugh. So, the guards do have a sense of humor after all!

The next day, all of the visiting students took a bus ride down to Brighton, the popular seaside resort city. Brighton is the equivalent of Atlantic City, but with more history and elegance. We took a tour of the Royal Pavilion, the residence of George IV, established during his days as Prince Regent. The building is like none other in Britain, as it resembles the Taj Mahal. George IV’s fascination with Eastern art and architecture resulted in a home with a glorious, illogical and inventive mixture of Indian and Chinese styles. The tour guide was this enthusiastic Viennese woman who was almost as much of a character as George IV himself.
Brighton Pier

After the tour, I explored the Brighton Pier. Complete with rides, games, and a fish-and-chip shop, it is the boardwalker’s paradise. Even in the cold of January, the Pier was bustling. I can only imagine what it will be like when the weather gets warmer! The Pier really offers amazing views of the sea and the shore that I took advantage of with my camera. Only an hour from London by train, I plan to visit Brighton again.

I plan to visit you all again soon as well!

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  1. Abby

    HAHAHAHA about the horse nibbling the girl’s jacket and the guard trying hard not to laugh. Can’t wait to hear more about random adventures!

  2. Judy Lipton

    Amy it is great fun to visit your blog. You are like a tour book to help us get ready for our trip. Arthur and I have been to London many times and we’ve never been to Brighton. Maybe we’ll ride down to see Brighton in March if the weather is nice.

    You sound wonderful and like you are having fun. Enjoy…I look forward to your next posting.


  3. Lindsay

    Hey Amy! Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun in jolly old England! I really miss going there. Hope to hear from you soon!
    Your old roomie,

  4. Alida

    Amy! Your posts are making me SO excited to start my adventure too!

    I love hearing from you!


  5. sherry lipson

    Every time I read what you are writing I get more and more excited about my upcoming trip. How nice that you may get to see Judy & Arthur.
    Love, Mom

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