mmaddenMolly Madden

Molly is a fourth year student at SUNY New Paltz with a major in Spanish and a minor in Latin American Studies. She is excited to explore the culture of Spain and to add another interesting element of her studies of Latin America and Spain.

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8 Tips for Studying Abroad!

1. Pack lightly but thoroughly: look up the average weather for the months you will be abroad and bring the appropriate articles of clothing. You will probably buy clothing there to blend in more with locals so you don’t have to bring your entire wardrobe. Same goes for things like shampoo and conditioner, liquids are
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Halloween in Barcelona

We just had midterms and they went pretty well. Then we spent Halloween in Barcelona which is one of my favorite cities that I’ve visited. There were SOO many americans there which was funny because they were studying abroad all over Europe and just descended on the city of Barcelona for this holiday haha. A
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City Tours

Every Friday we have a city tour with our program and we go to different parts of the city. The first week we arrived we went to the Cathedral and La Giralda. It was a amazing to learn about the history behind this very old church. Then we climbed 30 stories to the top of
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Arrival to España!

I left for Spain on Sunday September 13th and met up with the rest of the students in the airport. It was really nice having people to talk to and fly with as well. The transatlantic flight was kinda long but it actually went by faster that I thought it would. Also it was my
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First week of school!

This was my last first day of school… Ever! The university of Sevilla was originally built as a tobacco factory but then they turned it into the department for philology, geography and history. Incredible building. I’m taking 4 classes for my last few Spanish major credits: culture and society of modern Spain, gastronomy of Spain,
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