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YESSS!! To the Experiences!!

Hey Hawks! ! How are you guys doing? Hope everything is well on your end.   I am doing great!! so no need to worry. I  just ended my second week and I am starting my third week  in Jamaica. I have been exploring this great big island of Jamaica with open arms and eyes.
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JSLP ’14 has arrived in Jamaica!! (Week 1)

Greeting again to all my lovely readers!! Its me again.. Laury!!! (For those that do not know me.. feel free to read my 1st post that  has a  little bit of info about me) Sorry for not blogging on Friday, I got sidetracked with all the work and activities that I have embarked on. Promise
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Stoked for Jamaica

It seems as though every time I begin preparing for my trip, I ask myself… Am I really dreaming? Is this for real? Studying Aboard? It can’t be. It must be because I STILL can’t believe that I Laury Veudna, am going to study aboard for a whole month in Jamaica. Never in my wildest
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