sweissSarah Weiss

I am a graphic design major who is interning abroad in Beijing, China. I will be working with top designers at E-Go. I'm looking forward to emerging myself into an exciting new culture.

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Going Home

I wish I could stay longer and travel more, but I also miss some things from home. I’m really looking forward to certain things like forks. I’ve gotten better with chopsticks, but my thumb just doesn’t have the strength to move in certain ways. The way I hold chopsticks works, just not as well as
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Things to Know Before Traveling to Beijing

Not having to tip is very very nice Thank you seems to be said less Strangers stare at you Strangers ask to take pictures of you (mostly at tourist attractions) Traffic laws are pretty loosely followed Bikers do whatever they want Cashiers don’t like giving change, they will, but they might ask for change Sometimes
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Some Cool (and Some Slightly Less Cool) Places

This is somewhat in order of the places I recommend the most to least The Great Wall: I feel like you already know enough about this one. I only managed to get to the tourist part, which I regret a little, but it was still great. It was very crowded. While at the top of this
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Workplace Differences

The main difference between working here and working in the US is the language. It’s definitely interesting to experience someone commenting on your work in a language that you do not understand. Comments would be made, and someone else translates them. This system seems to work, but I’m probably missing out on a few comments.
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Reasons why Beijing’s Subways are better than NYC’s

Checking bags. Some might call it an invasion of privacy. I call it, I’m not gonna die because someone brought something dangerous? Nice. (They don’t actually open your bag, it’s put through a scanner and the line is never too long.) It costs a lot less (and it’s still so much nicer.) I haven’t been
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Some Differences

Here’s a list of how some basic things in China are different. Transportation: In New York, taxis aren’t really something I take. Subways are cheaper and sometimes faster, depending on the day. Before figuring out the subway, I took a few taxi rides. Generally, taxi drivers here do not speak any English. I get someone
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A Few More Days

There are only a few days left before I’m in Beijing, China. It hasn’t set in that I’ll be arriving so soon. I’m really excited about the company I’m working for. I mentioned E-Go to my coworker that used to live in China and she knows about the company. This is especially surprising because she
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