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And just like that I have 4  days left where I can consider myself a resident of Milan, Italy. I can’t not believe how fast my time abroad has flown by. This morning I was thinking about some of the things I have come accustom to living abroad that I am going to miss. Some
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The Year Without a Turkey

This morning I spent some time reading and not immediately reaching for my phone to scroll through instagram or Tik Tok as soon as I wake up. Because I do have to spend a lot of time traveling on the metro to and from school everyday I definitely more time to read on the ride.
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The studying part of Studying Abroad

Studying in another country is really different than studying in the United States. I was very comfortable studying at New Paltz and I have a work a little harder to succeed in my classes abroad.  One difference I noticed immediately is the attendance policy that is put in place. Similarly to New Paltz there is
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Not so sad that I missed Halloween

When we think about October in New York we think pumpkins, leaves, cold, football (the real football), sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and most importantly halloween. These almost all October traditions that are celebrated in America. I had an opportunity to promote SUNY New Paltz and the October activities were actually one of the things I was
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Exploring My New Home

As I finish up my second week in Italy I am amazed by all of the beautiful things I have seen. I took some time this week to finally get adjusted to living in a big city and seeing what Milan has to offer. I did venture to the Duomo in Milan which is one
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Cheers to new friends and lost keys

Hello! My name is Gianna and I am officially an international student. I arrived in Milan Italy a week ago but it feels like I have been here for a lifetime. In the past week there has been so many challenges and pleasant surprises that I never thought would occur.  I was very nervous about
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