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My name is Krista Miller and I'm super excited to be studying for 6 weeks in Germany this summer. I'm a Music Therapy and Voice Performance major, with a minor in German. This will be an exciting new adventure for me, and through this blog, anyone can follow along!

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Home and settling in

Wenn ich dich in Münster kennengelernt habe, du bist wundervoll, und ich vermisse dich sehr. Danke für die tolle sechs Wochen 🙂 Adjusting back to being home really wasn’t very hard at all. Sure, there were some things that I had to re-adjust to, but for the most part, it was just getting back into
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Heading Home!

So I’m currently sitting on my plane home as I write this, I’ll make another post in a week or so to update you all on being home 🙂 Sidenote: This is the first post I’m actually on time with, so at least I’ve finally caught up! It’s weird to think about how fast six
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Weeks 4-5! More than half-way done!

After the half-way mark, it certainly didn’t feel like I’d hit the halfway mark. In fact, I’m writing this half-way through my last week, and I certainly don’t feel like I’m going home in 3 days, but that’s a story for the next post (which will actually be on time, hooray!). But despite my program
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Weeks two and three: Highlights Edition!

I’m really behind on these because I got the blog more than half way into my program and I’ve been pretty consistently busy since I got here. I go home this coming weekend and there’s no way I can write a post about every week that’s passed in that time, so the next two posts
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Meine erste Woche! (And a trip to Amsterdam)

It’s really difficult to keep up with blogging about a month ago when new things happen every day. Sorry about that! If you’re reading this because you’re interested in studying abroad, that’s awesome! You should do it! One thing I will say though is this: they tell you that you’re going to get homesick, and
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6 Wochen in Deutschland!

I typed this post up and then it didn’t post properly, so I’ll try to word it as well as I had the first time (it was pretty good, so this probably won’t be quite the same). I got access to this blog a little bit late (I’ve already been here for three weeks! It’s
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