jcavaJaimee Cava

Jaimee is an English/Education major at SUNY New Paltz heading off to Madrid, Spain to be immersed in an entirely new culture. Studying abroad has always been a goal of hers, and she is excited to experience the adventures Spain and Europe have to offer. She hopes to try new things (and foods), meet new friends, and improve her Spanish-speaking skills along the way!

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My New Home

As I stepped off the plane and into the terminal, Spanish engulfed my ears. First thought: Shoot, what did I just do? Seriously what was I thinking coming to a country where I can barely speak the native language? How am I supposed to get a taxi to my apartment? Where even is my apartment? Is
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The Adventure Awaits

Should I bring the second half of my closet that I haven’t touched in over a year? It’s obvious now that it would be a terrible idea, but my mental state during the packing process was allowing me to completely disregard any shred of common sense I had. I don’t think I had more than
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