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Danielle is a non-traditional adult returning learner, working towards a B.S. in Accounting. She has a passion for traveling and exploring the world and so is also working towards a Minor in Political Science. She will be participating in an intersession Study Abroad via the SUNY Model European Union conference and 3 credit study mission. She’s looking forward to packing as much as possible into the two weeks she will be in Europe.

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Brussels Here I come! – 01/04/16

01/04/16 2:30 Arrived at Airport. Check in was a breeze no line. I would definitely recommend the web check-in. For Brussels Air there was a separate drop your bags web check-in which was great. Said goodbyes to my dad who drove me in. Thanks Dad! Security was a bit long but not terrible. 3:30 Sitting
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Countdown to Brussels

01/03/16 So I’ve never blogged before but I thought this was a great opportunity as I am only doing a short intersession study abroad. So let me introduce myself my name is Danielle I’m a Junior at Suny New Paltz, working on my Accounting BS. I am what is termed a non-traditional adult returning learner.
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