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Deandrea, a Psychology major with a minor in International Relations, is excited to study abroad in Japan. She hopes to improve her Japanese and learn more about Japanese culture.

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First Week!

This week in Japan started of with a lot of traveling throughout Tokyo. On the second day of my study abroad, me and a couple of friends decide to explore Shibuya! We did a little shopping in Shibuya 109 and then on the top floor we decided to eat at a restaurant where I had
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We’ve Arrived!

So my first week in Japan has been fun-filled with new events and new experiences. Despite the fact that it was my first time on a plane, my flight went by fairly easy and I can definitely say that I enjoyed it. Even though the flight was 14 hours, I found myself staying up for
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Here’s to Many Firsts

“Soon”. That’s the only word I’ve been thinking about as the day of my flight comes closer and closer. It has been a long 3 month winter breakĀ and while I am thankful for the long vacation, I’m ready to hop on the plane and go to Japan! It’s weird to think that this study abroad
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