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Christina Wang is a finance major with a minor in law along with a strong artistic background. She is very excited to head to Italy this summer and assimilate into their culture and arts.

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It has been about week at home, and it feels like the longest week ever! I miss Italy and Spain more and more by the day. I constantly find myself scrolling through pictures, watching videos, and calling up my new friends. I am experiencing the very common post study abroad sadness, and this feeling is
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A Little Detour

So, instead of heading back to the U.S, a couple of my friends and decided to explore Spain. We decided to go from Madrid to Ibiza to Barcelona, spending about four to five days in each city. I fell more and more in love with Spain by the day. We decided to use AirBnb instead
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Travels in Italy

The last week of program the professors organized a trip to go to Venice and Florence for 5 days. We even made a pit stop to Pisa! Florence is one of my favorite cities, especially for shopping, but Venice definitely takes the trophy for best food. The first stop was Florence, the location of our
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Classes in ROMAAA

The professors here are very understanding and will always go out of their way to make sure you are having the full roman experience from food to places to go and see. Although there is an itinerary it is very flexible and will be constantly changed due to student demands. Student health and safety is
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Adjusting to Italy

Adjusting to Rome was strangely easy. Getting around with the bus and train is simple, the only downside is the metro stops at 9:30pm. Food is obviously amazing, although i do feel like the most affordable and practical choices have been pizza and pasta. I have been carb queen since I have arrived. What can
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Rome: Week 1 at a glance

Adjusting to Rome was actually quite easy and felt natural. I fell in love with this city immediately and I can’t believe one week has already passed. There are so many amazing people within this program who share the most adventurous minds. Together we explored many grand, ancient landmarks such as the Coliseum, House of
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Packed and Ready for Rome!

My flight to Italy is tomorrow and I just finished packing and I couldn’t be more excited! The number one thing to do before packing is to make a check list and go over it a couple of times. Don’t ever forget your PASSPORT! Along with money and credit/ debit cards. It is always safer
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