aweissAlexa Weiss

I'm a psychology major focusing on art therapy as well as gender and sexuality studies. I've never left the country before aside from a couple of trips to Canada, so going to New Zealand for an entire semester is a huge jump for me! I find leisure in art, music, beaches, outdoor activities, and writing. I hope to incorporate my interests in art, gender, and sexuality in my future and I will be observing these key elements especially while abroad!

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Home Coming

It’s been just shy of a week being home from New Zealand, and I couldn’t be more mixed with emotions. It’s been very bittersweet to say the least. On the good side of things, my boyfriend pulled a fast one on me and had me under the impression that I would not be seeing him for
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Last Night in New Zealand! :( (Auckland)

For my last two days in New Zealand, I decided to pack up and spend a little time in Auckland. Auckland is one of two capitals in New Zealand. Wellington, the more up and coming one, is where I’ve spent the last 4 and a half months so I thought it only fair to see what’s
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Hot Water Beach

Last week I hit up Hot Water Beach in the north island on New Zealand. This extremely unique experience is a must do for any future New Zealand explorers. Basically, this beach is set upon active magma, making the water underneath the sand extremely hot. That is, if you don’t know where to dig! During
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Kaikora is one of New Zealands little hidden treasures. A very small town, originally named for the surplus of cray fish that were harvested in the area. Kaikora was one of my favorite spots. Not just because it sort of reminded me of home, but also because I got to live my long term dream
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It’s been a while since I posted! I’m not as attached to social media as I probably should be to be a proper blogger! There is so much to catch up on, and I feel the only way to do this to give all my experiences the attention they deserve is to break up my
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Kiwi Academic Adjustment

Sometimes it’s hard to remember I am here in the magical world of New Zealand for school, and not just to be mind blown by every experience I have here. New Zealand, while not all too different than America as far as culture, does school differently enough where a period of academic adjustment did have
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Cultural Adjustment

It’s a little over three weeks since I’ve settled into my new home of Wellington, New Zealand, and I am happy to report that I feel I have adjusted quite smoothly. New Zealand culture is not too crazy different than American culture, however there are tons of little things, and these little things sometimes do
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One Full Week as a Kiwi :)!

So it’s been one full week and a couple days change here in New Zealand, and quite honestly I couldn’t be happier with the way things are. Wellington is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The city itself feels quite new and modern. My house is adorable, and all of my flatmates are wonderful. We are a house of 7
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Preparing for NEW ZEALAND!

Unlike many of my abroad New Paltz peers, I have quite a late start to my upcoming semester! It is now finally one week before I leave for New Zealand and I couldn’t be more excited! This is the first time I ever left the country spare Canada. What better way to kick of my
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