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Alone but not lonely

So far, this trip has already taught me how to be okay with being alone. I have always liked meeting new people and making new friends. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been that easy for me to do that here. It’s not because the people are rude or anything. Everyone here is really friendly. I just can’t
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Homesick already?

Today marks my third week here in New Zealand. Time is flying! I have yet to make the amount of friends that I imagined I would have by now, but that’s okay! Although, it does make me miss my friends back home. They warn you about getting homesick and you don’t really worry about it
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Slowly settling in..

It’s been two weeks since I arrived in Wellington, New Zealand. Wow.. time is flying by! I am slowly starting to get used to my environment and know which spots have the best price for things like groceries, clothes, nails and bars. You know.. the necessities. 😉 I find myself spending a lot of money
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I made it to New Zealand!

Isn’t it amazing how.. Around this time, last year, I was preparing myself to go to SUNY New Paltz as a transfer student. I had never been to a college away from home and I was nervous about being away from my family. ..and here I am.. in New Zealand! *mindblown emoji* I wrote this
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Pre-Departure Anxiety

It’s two weeks before I head out to New Zealand an I can feel the little girl in me bursting with excitement. I always described my anxiety as a little girl stuck in my chest doing jumping jacks. At first, I thought she was a afraid. I realized that she is just excited for what’s
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