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School in Japan

All I can say that it’s so different from the states. Firstly, getting to school from the dorm is much more of a hassle than it is at New Paltz, but it’ll be good for me. To get to class that starts at 9, I have to wake up at 7:30 at the latest and
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Life In Tokyo

We have a few more days before orientation starts and we have to get in the swing of things for school, but there’s still so much to do so I’m obviously not gonna just sit here. I met up with some friends from school and they showed me around cities most foreigners like, places like
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Moved in!!!

I’m finally settled in at Meiji’s International dorm here in Izumi!!! I looked at some pictures and videos of what it was like before coming, but I’m still amazed at how nice it is here. It’s gonna be really weird having a room to myself, but my ‘flat-mates’ (I don’t really know what to call
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One Week?!?

(I meant to post this before my first entry, but messed up… sorry!!!) Well, I just got back from visiting friends on campus before my flight. It still doesn’t feel like I’m going, but I’m leaving for Japan on the 31st! I’m not really looking forward to the 13 hour non-stop flight, but I’m really
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♫Tokyo, I’m on my way♫ Wait… I’m here!!!

First of all, I have to say that Japanese Vending Machines and Toilets are incredible. I know that’s a weird way to start off, but they really caught my attention. I’m FINALLY here!!! It was pretty surreal saying goodbye to my parents at the airport (with my mom crying the whole time), and I thought
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