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Alexa is a geography major and anthropology minor. She is excited to study abroad in Antarctica, to meet new people and learn about such a vastly different region of the world.

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Hiking the Fuegian Andes

December 17, 2014- Wednesday (Ushuaia) I woke up around 6:45AM for breakfast, which for me consisted of bread and cornflakes. I’m really looking forward to today’s hike in the Southern Andes (Fuegian Andes). Around 8:30AM the group met in the lobby of the hostel and prepared to leave for the hike up to Laguna Turquesa.
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Arrival at “fin del mundo”

December 16, 2014- Tuesday (Buenos Aires- El Calafate- Ushuaia) By 4:45AM I was awake and packing up my things; I must have checked the room about six times to make sure that I had everything. The hotel provided breakfast which consisted of pastries, orange juice, coffee and tea. The breakfast is quite different from the
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Arriving in South America

December 15, 2014- Monday (Miami to Buenos Aires) This morning I woke up around 4:45AM to get ready to arrive at Miami International Airport around 5:30AM. I checked in and checked my bag with Aerolineas Argentinas. I was nervous about checking my bag, worried about it getting lost or damaged (the kind of things you
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Miami…and onward.

December 14, 2014 This morning at 11:30 AM i left New York from JFK on a flight bound for Miami where tomorrow i will board a group flight to Buenos Aires. Now i am in Miami where it is about 75 degrees and sunny, a welcome change from the cold New York weather. I thought
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Preparing for Antarctica

Before i begin i would like to preface this blog by noting that there was no internet access available in Antarctica, which is quite understandable, so i was not able to write each entry in real time. However, i will still be writing this blog day by day as i would have done while abroad.  
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