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Return Home and Remote Learning

I am currently writing this post from my home in New York. Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, many study abroad programs including my own were cut short and canceled. My 5-month exchange abroad was transformed into 6 weeks abroad, with one course completed. It has been a hard adjustment to transition to remote learning
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A Smooth Transition: My first few weeks

Throughout the first few weeks adjusting to the culture, the accents even the traffic patterns, I felt as though this country could really be my second home. Settling into this city came so naturally to me. The people were so friendly, the street style was inspiring, and the food was fantastic! I never felt like
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Footscray: My Home away from Home

After over 24 hours of world travel and experiencing everything that could have possibly gone wrong in a day I came through so much stronger. My first days being in Melbourne, or rather the suburb Footscray, was rocky. I left the airport with only a backpack with a few snacks and a change of clothes
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Week 1: Preparation

As I think about the next 5 months ahead, in an unfamiliar country, with people I have not met yet, I became both excited and anxious. I have been waiting almost a year to take this journey to Melbourne, Australia to study at Victoria University. The endless paperwork and packing were finally all about to
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