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Weekend In Luxembourg And Metz

When registering for this program, we were told that we would get two excursions throughout the semester with lodging and transportation paid for. I’m not too sure what’s going on, but we keep getting free trips thrown at us. This past weekend we enjoyed our third excursion, a trip to Luxembourg, Luxembourg and Metz, France.
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Second Half Of A Wild Winter Break

After a day of traveling, Trish, Gissel and I arrived in Nice around 7pm to meet Anna and Gabby at the next apartment we reserved through airbnb. All of the palm trees made it feel like a true vacation. Once we settled in, we walked through town to find a place for dinner. We landed
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Starting Winter Break In France

L’Universit√© de Franche-Comt√© grants us a total of three weeks of vacation during the spring semester, starting with one week off at the end of February for winter break. I had the opportunity to travel with Gissel and Trish to Lyon first. We found an apartment to stay in on I greatly recommend this
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Introduction To My Newfound French Life

As I think about the past two and a half months of my life I can’t seem to understand how all of my experiences fit into that small span of time. So let me start from the beginning. I can still remember the day I landed at the Charles de Gaule airport in Paris with
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