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A Belated But Prolonged Spring Breat pt. 2

As my spring break draws to a close, I’m surprised to realize how excited I am to go back to France. I think I’m just excited to return to a familiar place after traveling for two weeks. I spent my last few days in London mostly wandering around Kensington Gardens and finding nice, sunny spots
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A Belated But Prolonged Spring Break pt.1

While all of my friends from home had their spring breaks a few weeks ago, mine began this week. I think it was placed at an odd point in the semester, because it is a two-week break, and there will only be two weeks of class when I return to France, but I’ve learned that
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Family Visit to Versailles

I spent last weekend with my cousins, Lise, Olivier, and Camille, who live in Étampes, a city close to Paris. I love visiting them and being in a family setting, regardless of how different it is from being with my family at home. When I first got to Étampes, Lise decided we needed to go
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Marseille: The Trip That Was Never Meant to Be

For weeks I had been looking forward to spending a weekend in southern France with a friend from New Paltz who is studying in Holland. We bought our train tickets in February and had been counting down the days. On Friday, my friend, Julia, arrived in Besançon and then early Saturday morning, we went to
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My Fashion Class in France

It’s been my ultimate goal for a few years now to work in the fashion industry. As a Creative Writing/Art History major in a school without a fashion department, I’ve been able to write research papers and poetry about fashion, but it wasn’t until this semester that I was able to take a legitimate fashion
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This past Wednesday marked the eleventh week that I had been in France. Eleven weeks away from my dogs, my sisters, my best friends. But it doesn’t really feel like it has been eleven weeks already. I looked back at some photos from my first few weeks here, and I seemed  like a completely different
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