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And just like that I have 4  days left where I can consider myself a resident of Milan, Italy. I can’t not believe how fast my time abroad has flown by. This morning I was thinking about some of the things I have come accustom to living abroad that I am going to miss. Some things small that I may bring back to New York and other things that I just adapted while living abroad. 

Being abroad has for sure changed me as a person and I am so excited to implement some of the things that I do in my everyday life. I have always been independent but studying abroad brings that to a new level. When studying abroad there are a lot of times where you are required to make a quick decision with no one else’s opinion, sometimes you make a good decisions and unfortunately sometimes you make a bad one. That comes along with being in your 20’s. I am truly excited to bring home this passion I have for never being “stagnant”, I want to be like the ocean always moving not still like a lake. I suddenly want to explore everything that this world has to offer. There are many things in my own city and in New Paltz I have completely over looked for years. I am truly ready to explore the small things I never really noticed in my hometown during Christmas time. I am suddenly super encouraged to apply for internships and move move to bigger and better things. To me it seems crazy that some people are missing out on all of these amazing opportunities that are coming our way as young adults. If I am lucky enough to be in New York which some say is the business capital of the world I need to seize this opportunity and make the most of it. I am also excited to bring my new found sense of patience back to the states with me. In Italy things run a lot slower and at a way less efficiently pace than in the states and especially in New York. So patience and waiting for things a lot longer than I would in the states has been something I had to get used to. I have never had to wait at the post office for 3 hours or rerouting my whole day for a metro strike before coming to Milan. I will have more patience when I need to wait on line at a store a little longer or when I am sitting in traffic. Everything I am in such a rush to do will still be there by the time I get there. 

I am most definelty going to miss the really thick Italian hot chocolate, a nice spritz, the beautiful charcuterie board for super cheap and all of the amazing food Italy has had to offer. I will miss all of the cheap flights and options to travel around Europe. It is crazy that a flight to Florida from New York is 300 dollars and I was able to go to Budapest for less than 80 euros and it was a Friday flight. I am going to miss my friends that live down that hall and are always willing to hang out even if its just to lay around and watch tik toks. These are all things that you don’t think matter but they are truly the most important things about studying abroad. I 

One thing that is for sure going to be different when I o back is the commute to school everyday. In Milan I have a love-hate relationship with public transportation and take the metro to class everyday. I enjoy having some down time I the morning where I can listen to music and podcasts. The commute home is perfect timing with my family’s schedule and with the time difference so we usually talk then which is really nice. However, I do really miss my heated seats in my nice warm cozy car, now that its getting colder out the commute is a struggle. I am also craving a nice drive through the mountains or along the beach with music blasts as the sunsets. I take our beautiful sunsets for granted, living on a coast truly does make a difference. 

Most importantly I can not wait to see my dogs! Supposedly my dog has been laying in my bed every night since August when I left New York and I can not wait to see her. Here are some pictures of my dogs that I miss so so much!

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