Cheers to new friends and lost keys

Hello! My name is Gianna and I am officially an international student. I arrived in Milan Italy a week ago but it feels like I have been here for a lifetime. In the past week there has been so many challenges and pleasant surprises that I never thought would occur. 

I was very nervous about making new friends and finding people with the same interests as me, I am so happy I did not have that problem once I arrived. Our little traveling friend group has been together everyday for days and it seems like I have been friends with them forever. Other than the really amazing food, my favorite part of Italy so far is talking to so many new and different people. So far, I have met a lot of people from the states but I have also spoken with some people from Canada, France, Australia, Germany and Norway. It is slightly difficult to speak with other Italians because regular classes have not started yet. Hopefully that will change, and more Italian students will be staying in my residence hall. Everything is so beautiful, the buildings, statues, churches and even the little water fountains with fresh water for the public. 

I thought everything was going so smoothly until last night. Some of my new friends decided to make a nice potluck dinner and drink some wine. The entire night we were switching back and forth between apartments so naturally I lost my key. Where is the key? Still not found. I am currently writing while waiting for the custodian to wake up. I was lucky enough to have a friend let me stay with them but otherwise I am not sure what would’ve happened.  I came on this trip as an absolute beginner in Italian which has proven to be slightly difficult. Yet, I have been able to get by just fine with a smile, the word ciao and google translate. Hopefully, the custodian will be willing to work with me. I know he does not speak English very well. 

With all that said I have already faced many difficulties that have proven themselves to be minor inconveniences. I have been struggling when trying to use the metro. Although I have been getting better at it with time, it is very similar to New York City except all of the signs are in Italian. Or that it is seen as impolite to be loud at any restaurant, even if it is outside. 

I can not wait to see what the rest of the semester has yet to bring! For now here are some pictures of orientation and the potluck dinner made by all of my international friends. 


Gianna <3

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