Missing Colombia

I AM BACK AT NEW PALTZ! I am excited to be back but I definitely miss Colombia. I am surprised because I did not think that I would miss Colombia like I do.

While I was in Colombia, I had a great time learning about the culture and conducting research. I did have minor problems that I blew out of proportion when I was in Colombia. I was homesick for the most part. Not homesick that I missed the United States or New York or Queens but I missed the people I had left at home. I was seeing my family and friends and talking to them but it was not the same. Every day that I was there I wished that I had my friends in Colombia. In hindsight, I realized that I should not have focused on that and should have enjoyed being where I was. However, something good came out of missing my friends. My friends and I have decided that within the next two years we will be visiting Colombia. I am excited because I will get to show them the culture and the places I was shown!

Now, I miss all the beautiful places I visited and the people I met. I also miss the daily life of Colombians and their great food. My advice for those studying abroad that miss family and/or friends is to remember that they will be there when you get back but this opportunity won’t be. Take advantage as much as you can. I am extremely glad that although I was home sick I pushed myself to meet new people and explore new places.

I find myself talking about Colombia any chance I get. I have become the study abroad that only talks about their study abroad experience. I can’t stop talking about it because Colombia made me realize what I am capable of and made me so much more interested in research around the world. Lastly, for anyone considering studying abroad please do so and consider Colombia. It’s a great choice!

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