Alone but not lonely

So far, this trip has already taught me how to be okay with being alone.

I have always liked meeting new people and making new friends. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been that easy for me to do that here. It’s not because the people are rude or anything. Everyone here is really friendly. I just can’t seem to find people that I can relate to. I feel like I keep having the same small talk conversation over and over, just with different people.

“Hey my name is Angelina, I am from New York. Where are you from? Awesome. What are you studying?” gets repetitive and tiring.

I feel like this has caused me to become more introverted but that’s okay. I have been spending a lot of time alone and I am learning more about myself. It’s okay to enjoy your own company.

I actually pushed myself to go out on a hike with a few people from my hall to the Wind Turbine in Brooklyn. Yes, there’s a Brooklyn in New Zealand!

…but it didn’t go so well. They were walking up really fast and it was hard for me to catch up. I often felt left out which caused my anxiety to kick in. I ended up leaving the group and having to find my way back down and to my hall. It took about an hour but I made it back safely!

Honestly, I enjoyed myself a lot more by taking that adventure alone! I was able to go at my own pace and really appreciate the views. I don’t need friends in order to have a good time here and I am finally accepting that. 🙂

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