The Outback

When I first chose to study abroad in Australia over a year ago I had a list of places I HAD to visit.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef
  2. The Outback

Sure I have done so much more since being here but these were the two super Australian things I could not leave the country without doing. When I arrived back in February I was heartbroken to see that flights from Melbourne to Uluru were about 500-600 AU return. Extremely expensive and I thought I wouldn’t be able to go. That is until last week when one of my acquaintances found a round trip flight for $100! We pretty much immediately booked the flight and decided to rent a car since there Is not Uber in the outback. However, I would miss two days of class including an exam. Thankfully my professors are pretty chill and allowed me to reschedule it!

Anyways fast forward a week and a three hour flight later and there I am the Australian outback. Seeing it with my own eyes was unreal. The incredibly red sand and miles of bushland. I was surprised to see a lot of vegetation. The internet makes it seem like the Outback is lifeless but surprisingly it wasn’t.

I met some aboriginals who were making art for the local gift shop (you could not take photos in gift shop). Also did a hike to Uluru of course and ended the trip with a camel ride. I never realized how much I wanted to do a camel ride until I did it. Camel ride during sunrise at Uluru is definitely ┬ásomething I won’t ever forget. I definitely recommend planning trips in advance so you are not stressed last minute… however sometimes the spur of the moment trips end up being the most amazing and most memorable.


P.S if you go to the outback a flynet is essential!


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