Preparing For Your Trip to Madrid: Pack Things You Don’t Want to Forget

As I prepared to pack for my study abroad experience, I thought of all the things I did not want to forget. Of course, my backpack with all my essentials were a must. That meant, my wallet (cash, credit cards, bank cards, health insurance cards, multiple forms of ID), my passport, my coin purse, my boarding pass, my canteen full of water, my travel journal, planner, flashdrive , any medications (pills, and bottles with prescriptions that go in accordance with TSA rules), portable charger, wire, and pens.

After packing my essentials in my backpack, I packed 3 suitcases: 1 carry-on, 1 medium-sized luggage, and 1-large luggage. The carry-on luggage had all my shoes for different weather conditions. Rain boots are a must. 2 walking sneakers are good to switch out. Flip flops are a good option for indoors, or when it is time to head to the beach, or shower in a place you don’t want your feet to touch the ground. Don’t forget a pair of flats, (for ladies), and pair of boots that you can dress up or down for the winter or spring.┬áMy medium luggage contained 1 pair of bedsheets and toiletries, and a beach towel, as well as outdoor jackets (a peacoat, a raincoat, and a leather jacket for all types of weather. My largest luggage contained 2 sweaters, an umbrella (most people forget this one), and all the tops, bottoms, pjs, and underclothes I knew I would regret if I did’n’t bring.

Don’t forget a neck pillow, and keep that outside your luggage so you can remember to bring it with you on the plane. Perhaps bring a fleece blanket. This fit in my medium-luggage and it was something from home I am grateful I brought. The heat in Spain turns off some time in the night into the following morning. So, an extra blanket is great for home and mini trips elsewhere.

Know this: You may pack more than once. You may repack more than three times. But don’t give up! Create a list of what you have. Create a list of what you need to bring. Create a list of what you want to bring. Create a list of what you need to buy. Keep track of it all. And last but not least, breathe. You are going abroad! Ask for help and support from family and friends if need be, and enjoy the ride.

p.s. The featured image is a cathedral within a town called Toledo, Spain. Small, beautiful town. Perfect for a day trip.




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