I’ve now been back in America for a few weeks, and it’s been nice. I really did not want to leave Ireland, but there are definitely comforts from home that I underestimated the importance of, and once i got home, I did start to appreciate being home, even though I didn’t want to leave at all. I still miss Ireland, and the other parts of Europe I visited, and I think about it all the time. I miss the people and places I met and discovered, and I definitely want to visit. I am not sure how it will be adjusting to New Paltz. While it will be nice to be back at school, I am really going to miss being in Limerick. I hope to visit Limerick over spring break, but it is not definite. I know I definitely want to go back to Ireland at some point. This experience was truly unlike any other, and I am so proud and grateful to have embarked on this semester-long journey, and I will always keep it near and dear to my heart.

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