Coming Home

I’ve been home for about 3 weeks now. I started back up at my job, since London left me with a negative amount in my bank account. I have an apartment to move into soon once I go back to college. Life is moving on. I wish I was still in London, with the family I stayed with and with the friends I made there. Going from living in such a big city to a small town in Nowhere, New York is hard to adjust to. Camouflage print everything is considered to be the height of fashion here, yet I never saw it once in London, and I didn’t miss it. The quiet, small town life is leaving me restless. I miss being able to go into central and walk around for hours. I miss being able to casually go to another country for a weekend just because I felt like it. I can’t wait until I can go back to London, maybe more permanently.

I'm studying film production at Kingston University in London, England. I love traveling, cats, and all types of food.

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