Classes in the UK

When I first came here, I was expecting a huge difference in the way classes are run and the way we are tested. In a way, they’re very different. One of my classes here runs for an entire year, while I’m only here for one term. Another one of my classes has a lecture for 1 hour, and then 3 hours later, a seminar that lasts an hour and a half. Having a class split up that like took a while to get used to, but I actually like it a lot. It’s easier to not feel as burnt out.

I’ve noticed that no one tests during the semester. No pop quizzes, so half-term exams, just an essay at the end of term. Which is odd, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. There’s a lot of freedom in these classes, the professors don’t make you do readings, (at least for the 3 classes I’m taking. As a film major, it’s juts a lot of projects.) and they don’t assign any homework. The only homework I’ve had in the past 2 months has been to watch a certain movie for the week, or to write a small, 1 page script. I feel as if this is too easy, and I’m not being pushed to work to my biggest potential.

With that said, it’s a nice break. I have a lot of work to do once I get back home.

I'm studying film production at Kingston University in London, England. I love traveling, cats, and all types of food.

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