The Honeymoon Phase

I’ve been in London for exactly 3 days, and I’m in love. I found a friend who I’ve stuck by since we suffered through a 6 hour delay in our flight out of JFK to Heathrow.
I’ve seen a bit of campus, explored Kingston and walked along the Thames, and had a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ for lunch. I went to walk around central London yesterday–if you ever happen to be in Camden market, make sure to get fish and chips from Poppies. Absolutely amazing.
I just got back from a day trip to Brighton, and I haven’t even thought about being homesick until now. My laptop is about to die, and I don’t have a converter for the charger just yet, so this is it. (There goes my Netflix plans for the night.)

I'm studying film production at Kingston University in London, England. I love traveling, cats, and all types of food.

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